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In the same way that professional Freestyle Motocross riders dedicate themselves to years of continuous practice, Cyber Security experts, forensic experts and digital forensic experts also need to put in the hard work to be recognised as true professionals in the industry. Cyber Security and Forensic disciplines can be opaque to outsiders, but those who dedicate themselves to it know it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed.

Although cyber attacks can be executed through many different means, the human element is often the weakest link. This is because people often do not understand the potential consequences of their actions.

To complement the Cyber Awareness event theme, daredevil FMX riders of Jungle Rush FMX will take on gravity and provide a high-action experience in their new show at the event. Not only will you be entertained by adrenaline-fuelled freestyle motocross, but you will be able to meet, greet and interact with the athletes after the show to get autographs and pictures.

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